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City Tours

Do you want to spend memorable tours in Algerian cities and sites?
These tours will allow you to discover major Algerian cities. Throughout these tours, our local tour guides will immerse you in the history of the most famous monuments and districts in the atmosphere of the time.
Everything is taken care of from the moment you land to the moment you leave.

The city of Algiers

Algiers City Tour

Algiers is the soul of Algeria and the North Africa's white lady with glistening white buildings overlooking the Mediterranean sea. This is an interesting tour which unfolds the beauty and charm of an old and new Algiers. You will discover the Casbah which UNESCO world heritage.

Price : €120/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Constantine City Tour

Constantine is a natural fortress perched on a rocky gorge that splits the city in two ,linked by beautiful bridges and surrounded by a deep ravine. It is one of the most picturesque, unique and ancient city in Northern Africa dating all the way back to 600 BC.

Price : €120/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Constantine city tours
Oran city tours

Oran City Tour

Oran is the second largest city after Algiers it is for the most part influenced by French architecture. It is blessed with fantastic geography, bay and splendid ocean views. It is also famous by the Spanish church of Santa Cruz that dates back all the way to the 16th century.

Price : €140/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Ghardaia City Tour

Ghardaia is a marvelous UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s found on the southern east of the Sahara Desert.This tour gives you the opportunity to explore this peculiar place with its imposing M'Zab Valley, old labyrinthic town, abundant market square and tombs.

Price : €150/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Ghardaia city tours
Annaba city tours

Annaba City Tour

Annaba is a nicely situated and important city located on the North East of Algeria with its port handling of the country's mineral exports. Is strongly dominated by the picturesque basilica of St. Augustine.​ Hippo Regius, a Roman colonia which prospered and became a major city in Roman Africa is also one of the highlights.

Price : €120/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Tlemcen City Tour

Tlemcen is a rich historical city with diverse cultrual heritage. The architecture of the mosques and mansions is breathtaking and considered the beautiful example of Berber and Arab-Andalusian heritage. It has also one of the oldest and best preserved Almoravid buildings in the whole of the country. 

Price : €130/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Tlemcen city tours
Bejaia city tour

Bejaia City Tour

Bejaia is one of Algeria's most beautiful cities, situated between the sea, a cape and a mountain. The beach of Bejaia could have made this place into one of the foremost pearls of the whole Mediterranean basin. Climbing Yemma Gouraya mountain is one of the best thing you can do with all the macaques around you.

Price : €120/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Taghit Tour

Taghit is a beautiful little oasis located in the state of Bechar, it is the best place where you can find and admire the striking beauty of oases in Algeria with the towering dunes and thick groves of green palm trees.

Taghit tour

Price : €150/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Timimoun tour

Timimoun Tour

Timimoun is a small place where you can see houses made of red mud, and distant sand dunes. The palmeraie is a place to wander for a couple of hours.

Price : €150/PAX

Duration : 8 hours

Mur en béton


Do you like ancient Roman history ? While you can see remnants of ancient Roman cities in many places, Algeria has a number of the most beautiful Roman remains in North Africa and these are UNESCO world heritage sites.

The list below includes some of the most remarkable Roman ruins in Algeria that you can book with us.

Timgad tour


Timgad is a wonderfully preserved Roman site in North Africa known as the African Pompeii given its big size, founded by Emperor Trajan as a military colony around 100 AD. It is characterized by its symmetrical grid plan. It was excavated after it was found buried under the sand.

Price : €140/PAX

Djemila tour


As its Arabic name says "Beautiful", It is one of Algeria's best-preserved Roman sites. It is 900 m above sea level, beautifully nestled amongst a rolling hill with breathtaking green landscapes.  Founded by Nerva as a Roman military garrison in the 1st century AD, but back then the name was Cuicul.

Price : €140/PAX

Tipasa and Cherchell tour


At about 60kms west from Algiers along the Mediterranean coast stands on the foot of the Chenoua mountain spectacular Roman Ruins of Tipasa.
Tipasa was founded in the 5th century BC by the Phoenicians, later turned into a Roman military colony by Emperor Claudius 1st.

Price : €120/PAX

Tiddis tour


Tiddis is a peculiar Roman ruin situated about 23 kil. N.W. of Constantine built on a hillside as a military post. It is one of the ruins where the morphology of the ground is quite different from other Roman ruins and it is build on a rocky mountain overlooking areas of hills and valleys, standing alone in a landscape and it has a red soil. 

Price : €100/PAX

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