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What you should know about us ?


Fancyellow is a travel operator based in Algiers, Algeria. We are operating with a strong sense of community. Our purpose is to provide a high-quality travel experience, take you to unusual destinations across Algeria and make you explore them differently. Our devotion to your enjoyment and exploration in Algeria is what makes people return year after year to enjoy it. 


Our itineraries are as varied as our clients. Whatever your dream trip or tour is, and no matter what size the group you have in mind we are happy to work with you to help you plan and enjoy memorable and safe guided trips.

We love our business and stand by our motto, “With endless happiness & endless discovery, everyone should be able to travel.”.

What's with the name?


Fancyellow (Fancy Yellow) name evolved from our commitment and desire to personalize each tour and trip to make it unique and authentic. Colors hold the power of every visual identity both emotional and practical and yellow is one of them. We have chosen the name because "yellow" is often associated with sunshine, happiness, joy and energy which puts a smile on your face when hearing it.



Omar Zahafi is the founder of Fancyellow Travel Operator. He has worked tirelessly for the past 3 years to make the Fancyellow experience the best it can possibly be. And it still keeps getting bigger and better.

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