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Nicolas S. Engstad

Jan 16, 2019

I am a Norwegian citizen and decided to…

I am a Norwegian citizen and decided to visit Algiers in Algeria in the fall of 2017. I sent an e-mail to Omar asking if he could give me a guided tour of the city, and we arranged for him to pick me up at the airport, and he alsodrive me back to the airport.

I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Omar. He planned the itinerary for the guided tour, and we visited many interesting sites in Algiers. He made me feel very safe, and he was very knowledgeable. His English is perfect, and I had no problem communicating with him. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Omar to anyone in need of a guide in Algeria. I don't think me visit in the country would have been as memorable as it was, hadn't it been for him.


Khalidah Ailis Khalid

Dec 12, 2018

A trip worth exploring!


Superb short trip to Algiers. Thanks to Omar of Fancy Yellow tours who made our trip so awesome and informative. Although the trip was short (wish had a longer time) but we had a fairly good insight of the city, combination of history, good food and most of all Omar ‘s guidance and hospitality. 
Now we have a family connection in Algiers and both of us felt so welcome with your vibrant warmth personality. Will surely return to Algeria in the near future to see much more and also the dessert trip to gaze at the stars. Wassalam and may all your dreams come through. InshaaAllah andterima kasih!


Aditya Talwar

Nov 10, 2018

Had an amazing time in Algiers, Thanks to Fancy Yellow tours

I had a great time in Algiers and would like to thank Omar very much for a trip very well organized. He also provided me a letter of invitation that was required for the visa application. Omar listened to what I was interested in doing and seeing as well as suggesting/showing places of interest - I packed a lot in, this is exactly what you need when you are somewhere for a short period of time. He speaks English absolutely fluently, which is a help. I would highly recommend this agency. Omar genuinely seems to care about his clients' experience. He has a warm personality who is a great ambassador for Algeria, a very welcoming country.


Mike Donahue

Aug 11, 2018

 I was in Algiers in July 2018...


I was in Algiers in July and found Fancyellow Tours via positive Trip Advisor recommendations and a couple of other travel sites. I communicated w/Omar who had great command of english. He was very informative. I did day tour of Algiers w/Zaki Green a member of Omar’s team. Zaki was awesome! Very bright, knowledgeable and personable. We visited the Casbah, a cultural museum, The independence monument and museum. Took the metro. We had lunch at a great Syrian restaurant El Arabist and coffee break at a small cafe after tour. It was just Zaki and I. Very personalized tour. I would more than greatly recommend using Fancyellow when in Algieria. They can even arrange services to Constantine, Ouran & Ghardaia if you wish. Very affordable. 


Tor Henrik Ankerstjerne

Jun 13, 2018

 Excellent guide-service

Thanks to Fancyellow Travel Service for giving me 3 days of excellent guide-service in Alger and Constantine. My guide Omar did speak very well english, and was very informative about Algeria. Omar had a very nice personality, and I give him and Fancyellow Travel Service my best recommendations. Henrik from Denmark.




Jun 13, 2018

 Great experience with Fancyellow

Great experience with Fancyellow agency.
We are two friends who visited the Casbah in Algiers in May 2018, with Zach, a tour guide from the Fancyellow agency.
We were very pleased with the service, Zack was very nice and knowledgeable.
We definitely recommend using this company!




Jun 13, 2018

Trustworthy and personal service

We had 6 days in Algiers in March, and we had beforehand contact with Omar and his company. Due to hiccups obtaining our visas in good time and the local school holidays during our stay, it was not possible to stick to ourprefered travel plan (flying south). But in the given situation, Omar and his team were able to come up with alternative options. 

We were lucky to have the personal service of Omar during our full stay, and it is clear that Omar likes travel and meeting people. You feel welcome, safe and "part of the Algerian family" when you are in his company. Omar goes the extra mile to make your stay as pleasant and rewarding as possible. We fully recommend Omar and his team when travelling in Algeria. We already look to get back to Algeria. Thomas, Copenhagen


Stephen White

Jun 13, 2018

I rarely do reviews but feel it…

I rarely do reviews but feel it justified on this occasion. I travel a lot but have never thought of having a guide before. I think I will do it again in the future as it's a valuable experience. I was really happy with Fancy Yellow. Got picked up at 9 and met with my guide Zaki in town. I liked Zaki. He was a good guy and I could speak with him easily. My main interest was getting about town as I am not a fan of museums but was happy with the tour arranged and places visited. Zaki I hope you make it to Japan some day. I was glad to met with you.



Apr 6, 2018

Warm, friendly, knowledgeable expert who made our visit super smooth

Super, super glad Omar was recommended to me by a friend who had traveled to Algeria last year. Relying on Omar completely made our visit to Algiers--without it, I don't think we would have been able to cram everything in the short two days we had in the city. Omar is (like everyone else we met in Algeria) warm and friendly, and he clearly has a passion for meeting travelers and showing off his amazing home city. While we felt safe everywhere we went in Algeria (its reputation abroad is undeserved), it was nice to be able to trust all of the logistical arrangements to him to make sure we were safe. He speaks English absolutely fluently, which is a help. Kudos, too, to Zak, who led our city walking tour. Friendly young man who also speaks English fluently.

Slightly more expensive than we were expecting to find, but it's a fair price and there's value in not having to worry about all the travel arrangements or being aware safety concerns (though as mentioned we did find Algeria very safe overall). That said, if you're on a tight budget, it wouldn't be difficult to replicate what we saw on your own. (The main issue is knowing what to see, since there is so little tourist information available, especially in English.) If you're not super-independent and/or don't have time to worry about the logistics of traveling around the city or country, Omar is absolutely a gem and offers a fantastic, personalized service.


Mohamed Faizal

Jan 28, 2018

'A great experience in الجزائر 🇩🇿'

I had a great time in Algeria 🇩🇿 and would like to thank Omar very much for a trip very well organized. He also provided me a letter of invitation that was required for the visa application and didn't charge for it. I was deeply touched by his sincerity and trustworthiness and he made me feel as I was Algerian myself! Nevertheless I would like to wish Omar & FancYellow all the very best, and hope that you'll would reach greater heights in the years to come! انشاءالله



Jan 22, 2018

I visited Algeri with Omar and his …

I visited Algeri with Omar and his team. It was a really quick, but intense experience. They led us through the main spots of the city.
They were so kind and organised.



Jan 11, 2018

Superb Local Agency, Highly Professional

Everybody on this thread seems to be saying nice things about Omar and Fancyellow. For a reason. Algeria was country #133 for me, so I'm familiar with travel to many un-touristed destinations. Where I do take a guide or have an agency organize things for me, I always go for a local agency than go for one based out of my home country (UK). That's the first challenge with Algeria- not many local agencies come up. And that's why Omar is already a winner- he not only has a site, but it is comprehensive and professional. 
Reaching out via my high school french and google translate, I got an answer back in perfect English assuring me that the entire team at Fancyellow spoke English. That's another plus. In most places unless you speak French or Arabic it's going to be hard to organize things. Omar took that issue away from me. I was very specific on what I wanted to do in 5 days in Algeria and Omar organized everything including guides, hotels and even meals where necessary...and all for a very reasonable sum. Even his visa support was exemplary...I don't think it's every day a British national asks for a visa letter for an application to the Algerian embassy in Kuwait!
I would highly recommend this agency. Omar genuinely seems to care about his clients' experience, and if you're fortunate enough to meet him and hear how he came to be in the travel industry, it's quite a story. Omar himself is a gentleman with a huge personality, hospitable to a fault, and a joy to talk to. Highly recommend


Luca Di Bianca

Jan 11, 2018

Perfect agency and Omar perfect guide!

A serious agency, the best we can get. Our guide for the city tour in Algeri was Omar, gentle and professional. I reccomend this agency ;)


Arden Simoni

Jan 10, 2018

Highly professional services in a country where such services are lacking

Algeria is a country not known as a tourist destination, as the government depends on oil, in contrast to neighboring Morocco and Tunisia inundated by tourists that almost seem to be part of France. As such, there is a lack of trustworthy travel firms that cater to incoming tourism, but Fancyellow is run by an Algerian, Omar, that spent years abroad and has an understanding of Western service standards. In addition, Omar has an impeccable command of the English language, with excellent pronunciation.

I travelled with my wife to Algeria, and we only had a few days to spend in Algiers and the Sahara desert. I tried in vain to contact travel services in Algeria -- almost none of them would even respond to me, and the 2-3 firms that did respond replied "sorry, we can't help you". 

Omar offers a full-day tour of Algiers that covers everything, that would be almost impossible to visit on your own, for a reasonable price. In addition, he arranged an English guide for the 4-5 hours we had in Oran between flights. Before Omar, I could only find one possible guide that would have charge $200 for a 4-hour tour -- twice as much as the tour that Omar arranged. The Oran guide was a local with excellent command of English, and showed us the highlights of his city.

Unfortunately, I had not contacted Omar and his firm prior to booking services in the Saharan oasis town of Timimoun. What a difference! I booked through a Timimoun Hotel, only in French via emails, and when we arrived at the hotel it was evident that they weren't really prepared for us. No English spoken (only French), and they did not even explain what charges for the hotel room would be, for the meals, for the Saharan desert excursion. They had no room for us in the hotel, but transferred us to a sister hotel. The next day, we had a room in the regular complex, but without asking they upgraded us to a deluxe suite that was twice as expensive. We found out the bill for their services only as we were leaving Timimoun.

This was in sharp contrast to Omar's firm, that explained the cost of all services in advance. In addition, we booked 4 transfers with Omar, and one could literally set one's watch with his punctuality.

One really important item! Algeria has an official exchange rate, and a "parallel" exchange rate on the street that is 30-40% better for Western currencies. If one books and pays in advance for services in Algeria, one pays the official exchange rate. However, it may be possible to negotiate a dinar rate for some hotels through Omar's firm, and pay on arrival, allowing for substantial savings. So, before one books hotels online for Algeria, it behooves one to check with Omar's firm first.


Gary Wilson

Jan 8, 2018

Fancyyellow Travel services deliver guaranteed value

Fancyyellow Travel services are a reliable trustworthy team in Algiers. Omar handled a lot of our organisational requests and he was very clear. He speaks excellent English and helped to get us through the bureucracy of Algerian travel. 
We lost on piece of luggage in Algiers and Omar helped us to recover it. 
He wrote a good invitation letter that helped us to get the visas 
He organised a city tour for us. 
He picked us up at the airport. He waited there for us for over two hours when our flight was delayed and we had a delay getting through the passport control. 
He picked our friend up at the airport too. 
In summary - guaranteed value



Jan 1, 2018

Comprehensive long weekend with great guide Omar

Fancyellow arranged a very comprehensive long weekend trip to Algiers and Constantine. Omar listened to what we were interested in doing and seeing as well as suggesting/showing places of interest, he was very flexible and the daily pre-arranged schedule adapted to what happened/caught our interest, but we packed a lot in, this is exactly what you need when you are somewhere for a short period of time. He also helped in sorting invitation letters before our visit and with bureaucracy when we were there which may have become complicated had we been travelling independently of his presence.
Omar has a warm personality who is a great ambassador for Algeria, a very welcoming country.


David Hall

Dec 13, 2017

A taster trip to Algeria with Omagh …

We had a great trip to Algeria with Omagh ...a very efficient and helpful guide who introduced me to the sites of Algiers, Constantine and the Roman ruins at Tigmud..
The trip ran very smoothly and Omagh was excellent in providing coffee and quality meal breaks. 
Costings were very reasonable and Omagh flexible as to itineraries and can adapt to meet individual needs and interests. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to Algeria with Fancyellow


Lawrence Williams

Dec 4, 2017

Fancyellow went far beyond my expectations....

Fancyellow went far beyond my expectations in every area of the trip. They organised my invitation so the visa was very easy for me to obtain in London. 

My time in Algeria was highlighted by having Omar as guide. He is the owner of the company and knows his country well. I kept on changing the itinerary and he always accommodated my requests with a smile. When I travel I like to cram in as much as I can in to every day. This was no problem for Fancyellow and I feel I got the maximum experience out of the time I spent in this fascinating country. 

If you want to visit Algeria, look no further than Omar and Fancyellow. You won’t be disappointed


Martin from Prague, Czechia

Nov 26, 2017

Excellent and reliable Fancyellow travel agency

I have been visiting only Algeriers and thanks to Mr. Omar I had a great time. Mr. Omar provided all accommodation in a nice hotel in the city center of the town, tour guide through the whole city on foot and in a car, eating delicious food in local restaurants and cafes, Airport pick up and drop off and I also met lots of his very friendly friends in the streets. I was really surprised how nice people Algerians can be. I would also like to mention that I was really lucky to meet Mr. Omar who is trustworthy tour guide and one can relly on him. I can only recommend his services he provides. I will definitely come back to Algiers and will be looking forward to contact Mr. Omar from Fancyellow travel agency to provide me the best services again. 
PS: Dear Omar, thank your very much for everything and I will be looking forward to meet you soon again. I hope you are feeling better after your accident on your bike with a bus which happend just a day before my arrival. All the best!


Nihani Bayindir

Nov 6, 2017

7 days in Algeria.

In October 2017, me and my friend traveled with Omar in Algeria for 7 days. Omar take us at the Algiers airport on the first day and leave us at the Tunis border on the 8th day’s morning. We strolled in the places we planned with Omar's car. He arranged all the accommodation.
Me and my friend pleased from Omar. He is an honest and trustworthy guide. I thank you.
Nihani Bayindir-Turkey


Edgar Lopez Barba

Oct 26, 2017

My friend Juan and I travelled recently …

My friend Juan and I travelled recently to Algeria and visiting Ghardaia without Omar would have not been as enjoyable as it was. He takes good care of you.


Nawaz Hussain

Oct 25, 2017

Excellent Host!!! Great Country!!!

My wife & I traveled to Algeria between 14-Oct-2017 and 21-Oct-2017. Our travel was taken care by Mr.Omar ofFancyellow, Algeria. It was one the best holiday's i have ever been. My wife and I are avid travelers and have traveled across the globe. 

The foremost thing that I expect from the host / agent / guide is the honesty and dependability. I found that to be beyond my expectation with fancyellow.

The accommodation, food, transport, knowledge of the guide everything surpassed our expectation. 

We highly recommend the readers of the review to take our advise and travel to this beautiful country to experience the warmth of the people.


David Yang

Oct 25, 2017

4 days trip to Algeria

Had really good trip organized by Omar. He is very prompt and accomdating. The price is also very reasonable. You will have a good time going with his company



Mar 13, 2017

Tour Algiers

I booked a tour of the Algiers Casbah with Fancyellow and it was one of the highlights of my trip, having a guide to explain this vibrant and historical area is invaluable. That aside, it's clear Fancyellow's biggest asset is Omar himself. It's clear he has a huge passion for introducing Algeria to visitors. After the tour we went for a traditional Berber dish which was the best experience I had in this amazing country. He's a great guy and a friend no doubt. Would highly recommend.



Dec 28, 2016

Trustworthy and professional

We met Omar during our (brief) trip to Algeria at the end of November, 2016.
We had been communicating via email for a long time, and he has always been responsive.
When we arrived in Algiers, Omar was there to pick us up at the airport, sorted out some bureaucratic problems and took us to a great city tour and a fantastic local food experience.
Omar also managed to arrange a local guide in Constantine for us, which was very helpful as well.
All in all, excellent - I would strongly recommend him and his agency to everyone and anyone who may wish to travel in Algeria without any hassles.



Dec 14, 2016

Excellent agency with deep knowledge and access in Algeria

I'm very happy to have used the services of this agency as my experience with them was truly excellent. Algeria is a very interesting and diverse country to explore and having Omar and his team in charge of my logistics was very instrumental to having an excellent time in Algeria.
The team was able to show me the interesting spots in Algiers (including those off the beaten path), organised my desert adventures with a partner agency, as well as confirm many of the bookings I would otherwise have been unable to do on my own.
I could not be grateful enough to this agency and would not hesitate to recommend them.

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