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The Pearl of Africa

About Bejaia



Bejaia is also known as Bgayet in the local Amazigh language. Bejaia is a picturesque city that blends ancient history with modern charm. Known as the "Pearl of the Maghreb," Bejaia boasts stunning beaches, lush green hills, and a vibrant cultural scene. Visitors can explore the winding alleys of the old medina, admire the intricate tilework of the Kasbah, and sample traditional Berber cuisine in the bustling souks. From hiking in the Pic des Singes to diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean of Cap Carbon, Bejaia offers a wealth of activities for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation alike. Come discover this hidden gem and experience the beauty and hospitality of Algeria's northeastern coast.



After breakfast, you will meet your guide in the hotel's lobby at 9h00.

We start our tour from the Casbah or the medieval citadel of the 12th century, built during Almohades, one of the greatest heritage in the region, where we can see a enormous Spanish fort, a mosque with a Berber architecture and different other relics. 

We drive to the Mount of Yemma Gouraya and climb up the Monkey Peak where you can see from the summit on one side all the scenic city of Bejaia and on the other side the Mediterranean sea. This site is also a habitat of the endangered macaque.


After the tour we take lunch at a beautiful restaurant where you can taste some fish and our local food.



What is included ?

  • All transfers.

  • Professional English speaking guide.

  • Entrance fees to museums

Duration : between 5 to 6 hours.

Accommodations: 3★, 4★, or 5★ options


  •  This is not a fixed itinerary tour so depending on your choice. We can adopt a flexible itinerary and we are open to any other suggestions.

  • Tour subject to change based on local conditions

Clients' Experience

Clients' Experience
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