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North Africa's White Lady

About Algiers

  About   Algiers

Algiers is the capital of the biggest country in Africa that sits proudly above her magnificent bay, protruding from the sea like a white lady and has a beautiful view on a clear day. The life in the city feels bright, lively and has a definite European air. It has a refined European-style architecture combined with Moorish and Ottoman. It can definitely feel traditional and modern at the same time.You can't visit Algiers without roaming through the Casbah which is the true heart of the city. It is a district full of dark and narrow winding streets that looks like a labyrinth, it is the same setting where the 1966 "The Battle of Algiers" film took place.  It is a mysterious, intriguing, fascinating place and deeply traditional. Once you walk on its cobbled twisting streets you feel like you are in another world.

Algiers is a city that continues to expand, and you feel that as a visitor. The good thing is that you will feel like a local and you won't stand out in the street like other countries which makes you feel more relaxed and enjoy your stay there. Algiers has some of the better places to stay in the country.

If you want to visit the white lady of Africa. Our travel experts will be happy to assist you to plan a memorable moment.




After breakfast, you will meet your guide in the hotel's lobby at 9h00.

Then we visit the beautiful 125 meter tall Church of Noter Dame d'Afrique that dominates the long bay above Bab El Oued and it offers a beautiful view with a stunning interior design and has a fine ecclesiastical architecture.

Our next bet will be the old 10th century city known as the Casbah "The Citadelle" where you are going  to walk on the cobbled narrow streets and explore the complex houses, palaces and mosques dating back the Ottoman period. 

We reach to one of the most preserved Ottoman mosques of the lower Casbah and the first great building many people see, the 17th century Ketchaoua Mosque.

We make our way to the downtown just off the main road of the Martyr's Square where you can see a large modern mosque in vivid yellow color and an ex-colonial church. 

We move again to one of the most important, prestigious and historical monument of Algiers, Bastion 23 palace which is located in front of the sea . It is a set of three palaces (17, 18 and 23) and you are going to discover the historical aspect and enjoy roaming through secrets rooms inside it.

We go then to take lunch in a beautiful restaurant.

We head past the mosque of the Fishermen and walk along the Seafront facing the sea. It just remind you instantly of the port of Marseille with colorful small vessels and you will also find set of beautiful European buildings.

We continue up to the Downtown of Algiers past the grand French colonial whitewashed buildings and explore different districts of the town.

We walk past the most colossal building of the downtown, Grand Poste office which is a fine example of French-designed, early 20th-century Moorish architecture.

After finishing up with the busy downtown, we head to one of the most inviting places in Algiers, the Botanical Graden of El Hamma, a large garden dedicated to the collection and preservation of wide range of plants, gigantic trees and a central area with fountains and lawns. It's a great area to escape the heat and relax.

Our next stop will be the landmark and the most imposing 92 meter tall Monument to the Martyrs, situated on a hill and overlooking the whole city and apparent from different angles of Algiers. You will get a pretty great shot from certain vantage point. 


Then you will be transferred to your hotel.

What is included ?

  • All transfers.

  • Professional English speaking guide.

  • Entrance fees to museums



Duration : between 7 to 8 hours.

Accommodations: 3★, 4★, or 5★ options

  • Tour subject to change based on local conditions.

  • Algiers tour is not available on Friday.


  •  This is not a fixed itinerary tour so depending on your choice. We can adopt a flexible itinerary and we are open to any other suggestions.

Clients' Experience

Clients' Experience
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