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About the tour : 

This wonderful and fascinating tour gives you a wonderful opportunity not only to get acquainted with the most beautiful Algerian desert of Taghit, but also plunging into the distant past, to see the petroglyphs or rock art of the archaeological landscape, the Grand Erg Occidental, explore the old Ksours, walk through the palm grove, ride quads and watch the scenic sunset.

Itinerary :

  • Meet your guide

After breakfast you will meet your guide at 10 A.M.

  • Discover the Petroglyphs 

You will drive to discover the interesting and historical petroglyphs. This is truly an ancient art gallery, in which pictures depict individual animals like antelopes, ostriches, giraffes, horses, elephants on the rock. These carvings are cryptic messages left by people whose lives are lost in the mists of deep time.

Our friends enjoying the paintings on the rocks in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
Centuries old painting on a rock in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
  • Trek the Sahara

Experience remoteness, spend some time trampling on the sand dunes and visiting the Grand Erg Occidental. From here, we can do some trekking or walking around the area. This a superb trekking adventure taking you deep into the biggest desert in the world  with no roads, no people and no sound. It is refreshing and liberating.

Our friend posing for a picture in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
Our friends in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
  • Lunch break

Stop for a lunch break and enjoy eating a tasty and traditional meal outdoor in the oasis area.

Our friends enjoying traditional Algerian lunch in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
Our friends enjoying traditional Algerian lunch in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
  • Visit the Ksours

Explore the old Ksours of the 11th century built on a rocky plateau overlooking the palm green grove and that brings together 120 houses.

Our friends enjoying the view from a Ksar in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
A picture of a palace in Taghit, Bechar Algeria
  • Palm grove walk

Stroll through the palm grove of Taghit, which is home to rich vegetation and majestic date palms leading to the other end of the Grand Erg Occidental . 

Our friends enjoying a rest in an Oasis in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
Ksar beni Abbes, Taghit, Bechar Algeria
  • Climb the huge dune and enjoy the sunset or ride a squad bike

We end our tour by climbing the crescent-shaped dune and watch the beautiful sunset. For squad lovers, you can rent a squad bike and unleash your adrenaline in the vastness of the desert that will make you intoxicated. It is a magical moment that you must not forget.

Our friends riding Quads on sand dunes in Taghit, Algeria
Algerian sunset in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria
  • Back to your hotel

End of the day, you go back to your hotel and stay there overnight.

Pool scenery from a hotel in Taghit, Bechar, Algeria

Recommended to bring :

  1. A comfortable pair of walking shoes.

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Loose fitting comfortable trousers/pants

  4. A hat for the shade

  5. Sunglasses

  6. A long scarf that you can wrap around your face to protect from sun/sand.

What is included :

1. An English-speaking tour guide

2. All transfer



Please email us at to book this tour, and we will be in touch! 

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