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The Radiant City 

About Oran



Oran (Wahran) is the second largest city in Algeria after Algiers. The so-called "El Bahia" which means "the radiant", It was founded in Medieval times by Moorish Andalusian traders and then captured by Spaniards, Turks then French. It has some fascinating monuments, influential French architecture, interesting shops and restaurants. It has also an older Spanish-style quarter where you can explore the Spanish heritage. The city itself is fantastic, modern with an outstanding geography, splendid ocean views featuring some of the most beautiful bay and seaside. It is the ideal place to spend your vacations and romantic moments. It offers many interesting historical attractions like the old Great Mosque of the 18th century, the sumptuous Cathedral of Sacre Coeur, the elegant Theater, the luxurious Bey Castle of the 17th century, the scenic Church of Santa Cruz overlooking the beautiful bay with a nice panoramic view,  the admirable Spanish fortress and a two giant lion statues of the Town hall

If you want to visit the radiant city of Algeria. Our travel experts will be happy to assist you to plan a memorable moment.

Our Itinerary 


After breakfast, you will meet your guide in the hotel's lobby at 9h00.

Eckmuhl Corrida Arena (NEW ARENAS) which was built by the Spaniards however during the French Colonization era in exactly 1908.

Santa Cruz Fort & Chapel, that stands on the top of the beautiful Oran with a bewitching view and a calming scenery.

 Sid El Houari, to explore the remains of the Othoman palace, Palais du Bey, which was built in 1792 after the Othomans took the city from the Spaniards, The palace is divided into three distinct parts: The Diwan, The Residence and The Pavilion of the favorite. 

1st November Square, or as called by the French "Place d'Armes" it is a square situated in the heart of the city of Oran. That contains many transport lines, as well as some of the most beautiful monuments such as the Regional Theatre, the Glory Obelisk, and the beautiful building of the previous City hall

We will explore the Town center of the city of Oran and all of its beautiful French colonial building such as Hotel Royal, Boulevard de la Soummam and more...

 Then to the Cathedral of Sacred Heart which an architectural bless built in 1913 and used now as a public library, after visiting the main monuments, the last stop will be The Seafront Street of Oran


Return back to the hotel. 



What is included ?

  • Invitation letter and visa assistance.

  • All transfers.

  • Professional English speaking guide.

  • Entrance fees to museums

Duration : between 7 to 8 hours.

Accommodations: 3★, 4★, or 5★ options


  •  This is not a fixed itinerary tour so depending on your choice. We can adopt a flexible itinerary and we are open to any other suggestions.

  • Tour subject to change based on local conditions

Clients' Experience

Clients' Experience
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