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The Dramatic Balconies

About Ghoufi



Ghoufi Canyon is an old historical and archaeological site located 90 km south of Batna. Composed of sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. On the banks of the river called Abiod also known as Ighzir Amellal, is an oasis with palm groves, orchards and vegetable gardens. 

The troglodyte homes or domesticated cave dwellings of the Ghoufi's balconies offer a history as rich as the region itself, they are scraped into a cliff and stacked like irregular sugar cubes. Their construction dates back nearly four centuries and presents an urban plan modeled on villages on each balcony in the form of buildings. You can also see hotel’s guest rooms that are in a honeycomb of cliff caves built by the French.


We climb down the stairways where you can get to the bottom down the river. The view is amazing from above and even from below. You also have a glance look at the small old mosque and then climb up on a winding trail to explore the hotel rooms that were built by French.

What is included ?

  • Invitation letter and visa assistance.

  • All transfers.

  • Professional English speaking guide.

  • Entrance fees to museums

Duration : between 2 hours


Accommodations: 3★, 4★, or 5★ options


  •  This is not a fixed itinerary tour so depending on your choice. We can adopt a flexible itinerary and we are open to any other suggestions.

  • Tour subject to change based on local conditions

 Price starting from Euro 40 per guest

NOTE : Please contact us for the quotation.

Clients' Experience

Clients' Experience
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