​Algerian food


Algerian food is not very well known, but it's delicious.

The world's smallest pasta made with semolina flour. There are white sauce and red sauce, both of which are rich in vegetables and meat.
An Algerian traditional soup that is indispensable for celebrations. There are white soup and red soup, white is mellow and red is a little spicy.
Fry the thin dough made of semolina flour and cover with spicy sauce. It is a popular dish for everyone.
A simple and delicious dish with ground meat inside. Squeeze the lemon !
Healthy food with peppers, paprika and eggs. There is no meat, but you can be satisfied with the volume.
Steam the noodles made with semolina flour and soak with vegetables and meat white sauce. Easy to eat and addictive.
Thin traditional bread made of semolina flour. Works well with Algerian cuisine.
Traditional sweets
Traditional confectionery made with semolina, dates, almonds and honey. Addictive once you eat.
There are many dates in Algeria that are known as superfoods in the world. Please enjoy Algeria's light textured dates.
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