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What you need to know before you go to Algeria

to realize your ideal and memorable journey.


​Tourist visa

You will need a tourist visa to travel to Algeria.

Fancyellow offers free visa support by booking one or more of our services (Trips or Tours).We will send you the invitation letter necessary for obtaining a visa.

It takes about a month or more to get a visa. Please make a reservation as soon as possible. (Visa is not guaranteed)

If the products you have booked include hotels or domestic flights, we can book them after confirming your visa acquisition. If the plane is full at that time, it may be necessary to move by car. (No refund)

Payment is almost CASH

There are not many places where you can use a credit card in Algeria. (There are also limited places where ATMs are available and there are many places that are broken and unusable.) Residents pay cash or checks even for expensive shopping. Your guide will guide you to currency exchanges or exchange offices at the correct rate when you travel.


Payment to Fancyellow can be made in cash (€, $, £) on the day of the tour or by overseas transfer to a designated bank by the day of the tour.

If your tour does not include meals, your guide will take you to the restaurant. Please pay by yourself.

​Dress code is modest

Normal in your country may not be normal in other countries.

In Algeria, please avoid wearing exposed clothing. (There are differences depending on the region.)


For women, there is no need to hide your hair with a scarf except when you enter the mosque, but a scarf is useful for everyon when going to the desert.

​Don't take pictures of police

If you point the camera at the police without intention, you will be warned or deleted.

Be careful about using cameras and mobile phones in front of the police.

​Drones are not allowed

A drone that can take beautiful photos and videos, but cannot be brought to Algeria. Unfortunately, let's give up.

Don't go out alone late at night

This is not just for Algeria.

Especially after 22:00, there are few people and few people are walking. Please follow these precautions for a good trip.

​Convenient vehicle allocation app

Algeria also has a dispatch app like Uber: "Yassir", "Coursa", "Temtem", etc.

Drivers often do not speak English.

By the way, in Algeria it is quite difficult to find an empty taxi in the city.

Frequently, they are declined depending on the destination.

Fancyellow also offers pick-up cars and car rentals, so please use them.

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