SINCE 1930

By the people and for the people

Green: Islam, Heaven

White: Peace, Hope

​Red: Blood of victims

Designed by Messali Hadj,

one of the father of independence.


In the center, a red crescent is a Ottoman heritage,

The five branches of the star refer to the five pillars of Islam.


Population  : 40.4 million

                 (27,8% of the population is under 15)

Total fertility rate : 3.1

Life expectancy  : 77,1 years

Ethnicity  : Arabs, Berbers, Imagigens 

               (Kabyles, Chaouis,  Mozabites, Touareg)



2,300,000 residents (in 2015)


2,381, 741㎢ (About 4 times that of France)

Boasting the largest area of ​​the African continent,

the Sahara Desert (2 million m2) covers 84% ​​of the territory. The northern part has a green impression.

dinar (DA,  DZD)

Many places in Algeria do not accept credit cards, so cash is essential.

a bottle of water (500ml)= 25DA


Arabic (Algerian dialect)

French (administrative language, second language)

By region: Tamazit, Muzab, Shaweiah, Tamachek...

* English isn't written on signs and restaurants


99% Islam

There are only a few Christians and Jews

Friday and Saturday

(Many shops are closed especially on Fridays)

1/1(New year's day), 1/5(Labor Day), 19/6(Revolution Day of 1965), 5/7(independence Day), 1/11((Revolution Day of 1954)

Ramadan(Fasting period), Eid El-Fitr(Festival after Ramadan), Eid El-Adha(Sacrifice festival)...

* Ramadan is held for one month and is advanced 10 days each year. The shops are closed during the day during this period, and the residents do not go out much.






The northern part of Algeria has a Mediterranean climate.

Summer is hot and sunny. The rain is not so much and it is dry.

Winters can be chilly, but not unbearably cold. There are days when it rains from autumn to spring.

Temperatures in the south are higher than in the north throughout the year.

Especially in summer, the temperature can rise to 50 ° C in the center, so it is necessary to take measures against the heat.

In winter, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, from 25 ° C to 0 ° C.




Long scarf

(Protect your face and hair in the desert)



Comfortable clothes

(Highly exposed clothing is NG in some areas)

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