TOUR (Full Day)

Places of Interest :

Palace of al machoire

Mosque of sidi boumediene


Museum of islamic arts

lalla seti

Time :

Frequency : Daily

Duration : Approximately 7 hours

Pick up time : 09:00

Terms and Condition :

1. Private car tour with local guide.

2. Museum Entrance fees are included.

3. The Guest can also choose their pick up time from any hotel in Oran

city ONLY, Apart from these areas we will charge for pick up & drop off


Tlemcen is a city in northern Algeria. It’s known for Moorish buildings,
such as the 11th-century Grand Mosque, with a tall minaret and
elaborate mihrab (prayer niche). The tomb of Sidi Boumediene, a
12th-century Sufi teacher, is a place of pilgrimage. Its adjacent
mosque is an example of Almoravid architecture, with carved
stucco. In the city center, the 12th-century palace of El Mechouar is
protected by high walls.


11 Coop. El Ilme Djnan Achabou, Dely Brahim - Algiers

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