3 Days /2 Nights

Day 1 :

Arrival to Tamanrasset then transfer to the hotel, breakfast and bed.


Day 2 :

After the breakfast, we'll head to the Assekrem home through the

D'imlaoulaouene water puddles, picnic in Affilal.

Visit of father Foucauld hermitage then back to Tamanrasset, then to the

hotel (half pension).

Day 3 :

An outing to the site of Aguenar to visit the ancestral wall engravings, after lunch at the hotel, we'll go shopping in Tamanrasset town.

Dinner at the hotel & then transfer to the airport destination Algiers.

PRICE : USD 399 / PAX (Minimum 02 pax)

Tamanrasset originated as the centre of a network of camel caravan trading routes from Kano, Lake Chad, Gao, Agades and Zinder. When Algeria was under French rule the town was established as a military post, originally named Fort La perrine, after General François-Henry La perrine who died in the desert nearby. Surrounded by the barren Sahara Desert, very high temperatures of over 47 °C (117 °F) have been recorded here. Tamanrasset is located at an oasis where, despite the difficult climate, citrus fruits, apricots, dates, almonds, cereals, corn, and figs are grown. The Tuareg people were once the town's main inhabitants. Tamanrasset is a tourist attraction during the cooler months. Visitors are also drawn to the Museum of the Hoggar, which offers many exhibits depicting Tuareg life and culture.


11 Coop. El Ilme Djnan Achabou, Dely Brahim - Algiers

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