About Algiers Tour

This is an interesting tour which unfolds the beauty and charm of an old and new Algiers. You will discover the Casbah, a legendary district and probably the most preferable touristic destination that tourists like to visit. A UNESCO world heritage that stands in one of the finest coastal sites on the Mediterranean bay; old mosques and Ottoman-style palaces, as well as the remains of traditional urban structures associated with a deep-rooted sense of community. It is arguably the best place for a traditional lunch, is included, estimated walking Distance 3 Km+, It is best to wear comfortable shoes to walk.



1 - Arrive to Algiers

Arrive to Algiers and a direct transfer from Houari Boumediene Airport to your hotel. You can benefit from an afternoon tour if you arrive early depending on your flight.

1 - Arrive to Algiers



11 Coop. El Ilme Djnan Achabou, Dely Brahim - Algiers

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